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“This book is full of interesting facts and information in a rhyming format which appeals to everyone. Illustrations are colorful and cute. This book definitely helps children realize that dental professionals are helpers and not scary at all.”



“A must-have for every parent of a young child needing an introduction to their own teeth, dentist, and dental hygiene. Great for a read-a-long or for young readers. The artwork is wonderful.”

Dawn Laseter

“My granddaughter loved this book so much! I highly recommend this book for young children to help them understand what will happen at the dentist office. Bravo!”



“Creative comfort for even the littlest of children to help them prepare for their visit to the doctor. Humorous, informative, and fun!.”


Elissa Gonzalez, MD/MPH, FAAP, Pediatrician and mother of three

“This beautifully illustrated easy reader is a wonderful tool to help our little superheroes get through tough times.”

Tyler A. Mahilum, BSN, RN, The ABC Blog

“A fun and colorful introduction to the world of medicine to show kids that not all is as scary as it first appears.”

Darren P. Marshall, M.D., Pediatric Cardiologist


"I absolutely adore the concept and material within this story!"


"I absolutely adore the concept and material within this story! It’s such a great way to teach history to a child. This story is a great guide for a parent or educator who wants to begin teaching history to their child/children. It was not only a great refresher but also taught me some things! Will definitely be following this series!"

Serena Rivera – Gigi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center therapist

"Such a great book on so many levels!"


"This is a fantastic book. The first of which I hope will be a lengthy series. The idea of trees telling their stories is brilliant- a way for kids to learn our history in a safe way. I appreciated the optional text on the bottom of many pages with additional facts. I also love that we can read this book, and then actually go visit the tree and historic site. Even as an adult, having been raised with stories of the Alamo, I learned new facts. While it might be hard for some children to know that people perished in this battle, the author handles it with care and appropriately, letting kids know the tragedy without it being too heavy. Could easily be part of a homeschool curriculum or even support traditional school curriculum on American history."


Marcy Pusey – "Gittle List" Award-Winning Children's Author of According to Corban and Speranza's Sweater says:

"A way to interest young kids in history"


"What a great idea to link learning about history with history trees. This first of a series is about the Alamo and is written in rhyme. The children's format limits the amount of detail the author can delve into, but it's good for getting started."

Miki Conn – Panel Member for Arts in Education grants - New York State Council on the Arts


"Great book for old and young"


"What a nice idea to have a tree tell the story of everything that is happening around it through the course of time! I read it with my children and they absolutely loved it! Now they keep looking at other trees and are wondering what they might have to tell. A really nice inspiration."

PeterS, Reviewed in Germany, 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Wonderful way for children to love learning history"

"I found this book fun, engaging, and educational. I loved the reader's guide. There were so many interesting things I didn't know. This is a book children and adults will learn from and love!! Tana Holmes does a fantastic job sharing all this wise old Alamo Tree knows. Can't wait for the next one!"

Chad G.,

"Outstanding history presented in a beautiful book"


"Since the setting is in the place I've spent my entire life I know that the history is accurate. I love that children can be exposed to this great part of our country. The beauty of it, the diversity of its nature, along with its fascinating history. It can become a lifetime study. I'm excited that youngsters everywhere can be introduced to these things and perhaps be the Patriarch Tree on the next family vacation! Share this book with others in your family and friend community and plan to go ! You'll love our home."

Sharon K. Sanderson, GOODREADS, 5.0 out of 5 stars


"A fun read about New Orleans history!"


"Vibrant illustrations make this story about New Orleans even more engaging. Simple rhymes on the top of the page move quickly for little kids, but more detailed reader guidance on the bottom provide real history for older kids. A great book for anyone who wants to learn more about New Orleans!"

Eric Newman, Author of LUNDI - The Lost Puffin, 5.0 out of 5 stars

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