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ALAMO TREE was just named the "Best Children's Book on Texas History" by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas!




Alamo Tree is a TRUE story about a REAL place. This winner of the June Franklin Naylor Award for The Best Children’s Book on Texas History describes the monumental events surrounding the siege and famous battle at The Shrine of Texas Liberty. But the story is told by the celebrity storyteller tree that still thrives in the courtyard of the mission in San Antonio Texas. The events in April 1836 established the enduring model for independence and freedom literally all over the world! But what lessons can children learn from such a grim story? The tree explains that during those dark days there was the love of families, courage of heroes and teamwork of citizens from all over the globe that ensured their losses were not in vain. Provided enriching content called.


READER GUIDANCE, for the advanced reader allows sharing with the little ones who are hearing the tale. The loving guidance of a parent, teacher, or older reader help the child understand the amazing events in their heritage and where they fit in the story. The rhyming text and beautiful illustrations will make your child want to hear Alamo Tree again and again!

Alamo Tree - Hardcover

SKU: SKU: ISBN-13: 978-0-578-59175-9
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