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300 years of Music, Magic, and Mayhem In New Orleans


It’s said that New Orleans’ “culture doesn’t come down from on high, it bubbles up from the streets.” It is a proud city with interwoven stories of fun and food mixed with the horror of slavery and tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.


With that much history, who better to tell the story of The Big Easy than its oldest resident, The Dueling Oak in New Orleans City Park? This latest installment of The History Tree series still asks, “if old trees could talk, what would they say?”


The Dueling Oak is a Spanish moss covered “celebritree” that makes the Crescent City come alive with the exploits of colorful, vastly diverse characters spanning 3 centuries. From pirates like Jean LaFitte to professional passers like #9,


The Dueling Oak transports you and your child to one of the world’s greatest cities-- beignets, brass bands, and beads included.

The Dueling Oak - Coloring Book

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